Cups, Trophies, Medals and Prizes to be won

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Flower Show Classes for Children - Cups, Trophies, Medals and
Prizes to be won

Baking Classes

  • Decorate marshmallows, biscuits, or cup cakes
  • Make tray bakes or peppermint creams
  • Make a Sultana Cake

See all the baking classes on page 13 of the Schedule.

Craft Classes

  • Model animal – any craft!
  • Make  something out of wool 
  • Decorate a shoe or trainer
  • Make a puppet
  • Knit something
  • Draw your favourite local scene
  • Create a piece of art that includes recycled IT parts

These are just some of the exciting classes you can enter.

See all the Craft Classes on pages 13 and 14.

Dufftown Flower Show Schedule 2019 - Download here

Class 139. Largest Diameter Sunflower Head

Could you grow the largest sunflower head?

Why not give it a go ...

Or grow a miniature garden for your favourite little creatures ...

Class 314. Miniature Garden - For All Ages

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